Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I like knowing the birth dates of family and friends...(not necessarily the years..hehe :-)..)..not because of wanting to celebrate it but because then I at least have a special reason to contact them on that day..

mmm...I lost quite a few reminders in my handphone after I changed to a new one so I'm sorry to have missed some birthdays...I'll try to put it back..can't remember it all, can I?..(do I need to take gingko, Habs?..hehe..).

5th was my brother Awi's birthday...n with him being in K.Kinabalu, we seldom have the chance to meet but I'd sent him some wishes and prayers that everything would be ok with him..may he always be blessed by Allah SWT...amiin..

(It was Sarah's ~ his daughter~ birthday on the 9th as well..)


The day before Yatie's birthday, I tried to "book" her lunch hour for the next day ~ we didn't see each other as much as we'd like too, so had always try to treat each other on our birthdays (thou not always on time..hehe...)..but i was told that she had been on medical leave for a few days...ohhh..

(luckily it was still in good condition~i got lost going to her house
and i was not hungry enough..haha..)

Two days later I managed to visit her at her house, bringing the cake with the hope that it would cheer her up...and it turned out that was the only cake she got for her birthday!..was i a mind reader or what..haha...

anyway, we had fun catching up..eating the cake, posing...and she gave me permission to put her photo in my blog..(cos I told her that so far I don't put mine here...hehehehe...)

(she gave me TWO slices!..hehe..)

Thank u sis for being a good friend/sister...I treasure the times we spent in school, so glad that I got to know you then and that we have managed to keep in touch all these while.

mmmm...we have yet to fix the date for that lunch...May be we can arrange with Kak Has as well? :-)


Kak Has dear...hope u have had a wonderful birthday...I didn't forget but I was late in contacting with the planned trip to Kuale that Saturday...mmm...I still cant beat'd always try to wish me at midnight...hehehe...

[I still remember the time when Habsah n I were being "helpful"(hahaha..) to our "new" seniors (u n Kak June) in school... but ever since then, u have been so sweet and thotful...such a great pleasure to know you..thank u...and please stay as sweet as u always do...]



JournoDownUnder said...

And where's my cake?

Cheqna said...

when it's time my dear, when it's time...hehe..

btw, couldnt contact u..dont know which local no u r using..but u r leaving tmrw rite?



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