Sunday, 20 December 2009

Salam Maal Hijrah 1431

"Selamat tahun Baru Hijrah. Semoga tahun baru memberikan kesejahteraan, bertambah keimanan, menjalani kehidupan dalam peliharaan Allah SWT, dipanjangkan usia dan sihat sentiasa, serta dimurahkan rezeki...amiin.."

I received some good wishes from family and friends...amiin amiin amiin..tqvm for all the doas...same wishes back to them all..

"..Hijrah is d beginning of all good things. May we all become better Muslims now and hereafter..." (Hab's)

"Sometimes Allah SWT breaks our spirit to save our soul,
HE breaks our heart to make us whole,
HE sends us pain so we can be stronger,
HE sends us pain so we can be humble,
HE sends us illness so we can take care of ourselves,
Sometimes Allah SWT takes everything away from us, we can learn the value of everyhing HE has given us.


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