Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Encounter with pineapple @ Air Hitam

Was passing by Air Hitam, Johor on Saturday and we stopped at the famous market there ~ famous for its pottery, quality souvenir items made of ceramic..also countless stalls selling all kinds of local snacks and fruits.

Saw these row of pineapples at one stall, never seen big ones like it before..

(but the stall owner said its normal in November/December season..hehe..)

Couldnt resist to measure the size, but I didnt have time to choose the biggest one there...

luckily the owner didnt see me doing that...hahaha...


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Kat Sg Tong pun besor gitu gak! Dulu2 kalu nok balik Besut, mesti singgah beli. 3 butir RM10 je. Kecur air liur...hmmm...masak paceri sedap tu. yummm....nak resepi?

Cheqna said...

Dear it?..waahh..but i balik takak ganu je guane?..ish ish ish..kecur liur kita pulak..haha...

paceri recipe? why not..yours shld be one that is properly done..either the curry one or the kunyit one ( i love both!) dishes are normally "cooking without the recipe"..hehehe..


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Cheqna wei,
Dua-dua resepi molek belaka. Sedap hingga menjilat pinggan(g). Hok kari tu banyok bahang, siap kena ada nyior gule. Tapi dok key-ell mudoh, banyok nyior gule siap doh. Tapi molek hok buat sendiri, sedap lagi. Nanti ambe email deh?


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