Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Late posting

...but its my sister's (Che Pah) n Nazeem's birthdays today...

May they always be happy n contented, blessed by Allah SWT..amiin..

~photo taken during 1st Syawal~

Bought Nazeem "nasi lemak" for breakfast... :-)

...sorry, no cake..that was all he got for his 13th birthday morning treat from this aunty...hehehe..

but when i mmsed the photo to Che Pah, she replied that all she got was banana fritters...hehehe..

Tonite for the first time, I made "beef stew", but as usual...did it my own way...just based on what I could remember from the AFC channel...hehehe...

~ the stew and the bread ~

i guess it was not too bad... 3/4 of the pot gone by the time we finished our dinner...and the McD that i ordered "just in case" it didnt turn out well were left for supper...hehehe...

but i'll search for the actual recipe one day



Cat-in-Sydney said...

The beef stew looks yummy! You must enjoy having Nazeem around eh? When are you going to babysit me? purrr....meow!
My hugs and kisses and licks on the face to birthday boy and girl...XOXO

Cheqna said...

tq, tq, tq.

Nazeem has been my "P.A" for the past few days..following me to the office..playing computer games and listening to his mp3...and once in while, sleeping and lying on the floor..hehehe..

babysit u?..mmmm...r u sure u want to?..i normally run to escape, my imagination runs amok...ur distant relative at kak li's house can vouch for that..hahaha..

unless u give me a pitiful look...


I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,
Sedap nampak stew tu. Bila nak balik cuti raya? Jgn lupa update blog masa kat sana...seronok baca.

Btw, ni dah kali ke3 I cuba post comment, harap2 berjaya kali ni....

Cheqna said...

Dearest I.a...hehe..tq tq..menjadi nampaknya...rasa lain kira.. :-)

Going back this wednesday, coming back sunday with my mum and 2 nieces going to follow us back, insyaAllah. so over the weekend have been bz "tidying up" the house..

dont know what's wrong with d comments posting, may be b'cos of my "experiments" in changing the templates setting.

anyway, hope u have had a great weekend with ur family...

take care.



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