Friday, October 2, 2009

Quake - 2

When I felt the slight tremor whilst relaxing at home the other evening, I first assumed that "a big vehicle had passed thru' our area" which I thot was not so logic as it must be a really big one to make that kind of tremor to our home. second thot was that I was on the verge of black-out or something, which scared me so I quickly sat up...

When both turned out differently, I just shrugged it off but about half an hour later I saw the news flash on TV about the Sumatera earthquake..and that the tremors were felt at some parts of Malaysia.

That nite I searched the updates online, both on Samoa's tsunami and the earthquake at West Sumatera...

and now, with the death tolls on the rise, especially in Sumatera, its so condolences to the families, may they be strong in facing these..

n May Allah bless the souls of the departed ...

These tragedies "can very well serve as reminders for us not to take Allah’s favors for granted, to be more careful as well as to be better aware and conscious of our true priorities in life, resolving oneself to lead a more conscious and religiously fulfilling life."

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala knows best...


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