Sunday, October 11, 2009

Balqees & the "Geng : Adventure Begins"


It was Balqees's 2nd birthday a month ago (11th September) and we didn't have any idea what to give her...

But while we were packing our things for Hari Raya break, I remembered about the "Geng" DVD that I bought earlier and yet to watch, and thought that it should be a perfect gift for her...

(photo taken from :

How true...she loved it and during the 10-day period we were in kampung, it had been played more than twenty times!

~ I enjoyed watching it too, some parts of it anyway, didn't manage to catch the whole movie.

She really loves Upin & Ipin from the series with their tagline "betul, betul, betul" (right, right, right).

(...but for Balqees of course it's only "tu(l), tu(l), tu(l)")


This is the musical scene from the film "Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula" ~ the song "Damai" (peace) by Ito...

I'm guessing that by now Balqees and her sisters have memorised the lyrics...he he he...


Now I have to buy another copy of the DVD and hope to finally enjoy the whole adventure..yippeeee!!!!!!!!



May she always be blessed by Allah SWT...amiin..

We love you...


  1. Balqees, would you be my friend? purrrlease....pretty purrlease....

  2. Balqees welcomes u to the geng club...errr..can u say "(b)tol, (b)tol, (b)tol"???



  3. One thing for sure, Balqees cute la.

  4. rb - tq,tq she is...but of course I'm biased..hehe..



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