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Malaysian Cartoonist : Lat

@ Mohd Nor bin Khalid was born in March 1951, in a kampung (village) house in Kota Bahru, Malaysia. He grew into a chubby little fellow and was nickname "Bulat" or Lat.

His cartoons have been published in several cartoon books in Malaysia and he is famous throughout the country. Most of his books were originally released in both Malay and English versions by Berita Publishing Sdn. Bhd...and some of it had been released in Japanese, German and American versions.

Some of the titles :

* Be Serious Lat
* Better Lat than Never
* Budak Kampung
* Dr. Who?! (Tribute to former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad
featuring compilation of Lat's past comics depicting Mahathir)
* Entahlah Mak...
* It's a Lat Lat Lat Lat World
* Kampung Boy: Yesterday and Today (ISBN 967-969-307-4)
* Kampung Boy: Yesterday and Today (Japanese Version ISBN 4794940246)
* Keluarga SiMamat
* Lat 30 Years Later
* Lat and Gang
* Mat Som (English Version) (ISBN 983-99617-1-3)
* Mat Som (Malay Version)
* Scenes of Malaysian Life[2]
* Kampung Boy
* Kampung Boy - Ein Frechdachs aus Malaysia (German Version)
* Town Boy
* Town Boy (Japanese Version)

[... we only have some of his books :-) ]


and I love watching these series...

Lat Kampung Boy (part-1)

Lat Kampung Boy (part-2) ~


Lat's Malaysia on show


By Teresa
excerpt from : (

KUALA LUMPUR: Generations of Malaysians have enjoyed the view of society Datuk Lat has depicted in his cartoons. Documenting our lives and foibles with loving humour, he has become a part of our cultural landscape.

"Lat's Malaysia", an exhibition of 60 original cartoons out of the 2,000 in the New Straits Times Press Bhd's collection, will open tomorrow in the newly renovated Bangsar Shopping Complex.

Organised by NSTP with Bandar Raya Development Bhd (BRDB), the exhibition is the fourth in the "Road to Nationhood" series that began in 2005, showcasing archive materials from the NSTP Resource Centre

"This year we decided to do something different. Lat is one of the country's greatest assets. His work cuts across all racial and political boundaries.

The exhibition will be launched by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a regular subject of Lat's cartoons. It will be open daily till Aug 31.

Lat, The Early Years, published by NSTP, will also be available at RM120 a copy. It comes with a Lat cartoon bag, said NSTP Resource Centre information services manager Hurriyah Ismail.


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cartoon writting is a tough work only some peoples are able for this kind of task


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