Monday, 11 May 2009

Weekend with my mother

Last week when my sister told me that she wished to visit her son in Kuala Kangsar, I offered to go back home to K.T and stay with our mother. Immediately arranged to be away, by Thursday noon I was already at the airport.

Travelling alone and feeling tired after a busy morning, I kept on yawning while waiting for the boarding time..and by the time we went aboard, I fell asleep immediately, even before the cabin crews finished their final check for the take off!

..ha ha ha...typical of me, my family would say :-)

I had a good time with my mother, we managed to spend some quality hours together...which was quite rare as whenever I went back I would normally be busy tending to the kids or do any other chores.

So with only the two of us for a few days, we had more time to talk ~ share stories and jokes, watched tv and even had the chance to take her out few times - visited her cousin on Friday, went out for high-tea on Saturday and on Sunday morning wanted to have her eyes checked but the specialist was too busy. We ended up in town and bought sun glasses for her!

Saturday's high tea was at Primula but mum was very reluctant to go at first. Had to persuade her and said that it was my treat for mother's the end of it, she loved it and yesterday, just before I left for K.L, she said would love to go again..he he he..."no problem mak!".

Breakfast on Sunday was "nasi goreng ayam" (fried rice with chicken) and we were watching morning TV when I saw an artist giving flowers to her mum, so I said to her that I didnt have any flowers to give, but InsyaAllah I'd always have her in my doa (wishes and prayers)~ for everything to be good to her, and for her to be happy, now and hereafter...

I think she appreciates it more....

mmm..I'm back in K.L now...but I still remember what she said the other day.. that its important for children to always keep in touch with their parents, talk to them while still can...would miss the chance once they are gone...

I hope she'll be with us for many more years, in good health and good the blessings of Allah S.W.T always...ameen..

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