Sunday, May 24, 2009

Relaxing in Mataking over the weekend...

An ideal getaway...

With sparkling white sand,
mesmerizing blue waters....

and top class resort...
(Photo : The Reef Dive Resort, Mataking Island, Sabah)

Divers exploring the Eel Garden, Coral Garden, Nudibranch Garden, Turtle Playground, Lobsters Lair and Hump Head Point.

(Ayu sure loves this..hehee)

...luxurious pampering experience at Spa

lounging at the pool with a book and a cool, refreshing drink

sea kayaking...

Mataking is in fact 2 islands connected by a sandbar.

colourful coral gardens are home

to an astonishing variety of marine creatures.


but only in my dreams.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reality, my friends are there now, surely having a great time!

oh well, next time I guess...




  1. Amboi... mcm dah betul2 sampai sana ya Ona?! He..he..he..

  2. hehehee...pretty good "imitation" kan?


  3. Cheqna, your dreams!!! Wish I could be there too...

  4. hahahaa...n i should have brought you along!




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