Sunday, 22 March 2009

Baked Potatoes

Yellow potatoes - pierce with fork several times, bake in microwave oven - HIGH - for 8 to 10 mins or until tender.

Split and fluff up the potatoes, add a bit of butter.

For the filling :

1 small can of sweet corn,

1 boiled egg - cut into small cubes

1 japanese cucumber-sliced or cubed,

cherry tomatoes-cut into half,

half cup of tuna flakes,

3 to 4 tablespoon of mayonaise,

salt and pepper to taste,

mix all in a bowl, and serve over the potatoes.

and's what we had for lunch today :-)

at the same time, I made water melon juice - 3 cups of sliced melons, 1 cup of water and half cup of syrup, blended it, add a bit of ice and wa laa....

but somehow, we tasted additional "flavour" ... the blender was used to blend chilies before, so our juice was a bit "hot"!..haahaahaa....

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