Thursday, 29 January 2009

Today's Lunch...meeting friends.

Aimy asked if I could join her for lunch, and when I said ok, she later came and picked me up, how kind..we had lunch at "Secret Recipe" nearby, I had chicken cornish while she had "Japanese Soba" - noodle looked and tasted nice esp. with lots of time may be I'll order it..or better yet, look for its recipe...mmm..more economical if I want to have it often... :-)))

Its a short lunch but we tried to fill in as many "news" as we could...never short of stories..hehehe..but we had to rush back to work and also because I'd another friend waiting for me at the office. The lunch was Aimy's very very nice of her..semoga dimurahkan lagi rezeki..amiin..(may she be blessed with good wealth and health).

Kak Has was waiting for me at the office.."sorry I was a bit late sis (you know me when I'm with friends!), but considering that I had to wait 2 birthdays before I can finally meet and give you your last year's birthday gift, that's not too bad right? hehehehe...thank you for coming over to my side of town..great to see you and family, you are still sweet as ever :-)"

It was a pleasure to meet them..

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