Monday, 26 January 2009

Salad...Fried Pasta(?), ..

I love cooking but I do not cook everyday, especially on working days as we normally have lunch at the office and for dinner, we sometimes only have bread or biscuits...but we are not on diet really :-)

I believe cooking can reduce my stress, and I love to cook for my family and friends, but sometimes if I stayed too long in the kitchen I'd be depressed especially when I have to clean it up..hahaha...

Don't normally hv proper recipes 4 most of my cooking, whatever I can get hold of, d end result would be "whatever" (my nephew's fav. word..hehehe).

4 today's lunch, I knew I wanted to make salad,

and something.., anything that I could find.....and this was what we had for lunch, "fried pasta"

(no complain for it, so must be okay..hehehe..)

In MyBlogLog, I've joined some communities on cooking - thai food (I love tom-yam), salad, cupcakes etc, but so far I haven't the chance to check-out any recipe.... :-)

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