Saturday, 22 November 2008

Halifax, West Yorkshire

Karma Chameleon by Culture Club was a hit when i was in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Once when Uyun n I were walking along main road to town, she suddenly sang "I'm a man"..and orang dalam kereta turned to look at her..hahaa..

I think this video was taken during bbc's "top of the pop"...alahai "sweet"nya boy george..he he he..

I may not be able to recall most events there, but I remember some wonderful times and with many Malaysian students it was not that bad being that far away from family at home. Weekdays we had our classes - Percival Whiteley College (?)...- once we celebrated hari raya aidil fitri kat exam hall!

During first year, weekends either stayed at home @ Clapton Avenue (both Kak Soraya - who wrote to me before i left for U.K - and Kak Salmah, who kindly looked after us from the beginning), or angkut bantal dengan Uyun pergi bermalam rumah Kak Sal and Kak Roha (nak tengok TV, hehehe....and buat abc dengan snow during winter..haha) or ke rumah Kak Julie and Kak Uji for makan-makan...

Best pulak teringat zaman2 angkut baju nak basuh kat laundry, lepak at Uyun's room kat attic, jalan2 kat small town and discovering lovely views of it's hillsides, visit Cadbury chocolate factory in York, makan kat indian restaurant (with its "very hot" curry, yang rupanya letak cili potong..haha)... and fish and chips with salt n vinegar!

hmm...mana agaknya pergi some of the gang and seniors kat sana...n i wonder if mr Edwards n "mak cik Belgium" Mackie still ada situ..

I could not find familiar places when looking at the website ...i need gingko! :-)

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