Friday, 21 April 2017

10km : I did it!

Update on my previous posting for #gofor10km (here)

Yes, my run buddy and me did it !!! .... and it felt really good when we reached the finishing line...I was relieved! hahaha

The timing may not be good, but as first timers for 10km @ " #RunningDivaRun2017 ", walking almost all the way and taking photos, it was an achievement surely to reach the 10km mark within 2 hours...hehehe...

After the event, I definitely didn't want to register for longer distance (told my friends I'd stick to my comfortable 5km), but after a while now, I think may be I'll try again in future...(and some friends might be happy to know this change of heart...haha)


1 comment:

Thomas Lee said...

wow!10K,i can only manage 5


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