Monday, March 31, 2014

Malaysia Airlines

In support of our National Carrier.

Most of the times I've been receiving good services when flying with MAS (not that the times that I didn't were bad)...and I especially love getting the extra peanuts!....hahaha....

The recent most memorable ones were during my trip with friends to Hanoi, Vietnam. Both journeys to and fro were made enjoyable with courteous, friendly and fun cabin crews..and them being helpful when I was not well at some point. the management, staffs and especially the crews...keep up your good work with your heads held high!

My recent trip back from Kuala Terengganu on previous Sunday, 23rd March 2014 :

The weather was great, clear blue skies almost all the way.

About 50 minutes later we safely landed at KL International Airport, Alhamdulillah :

When I saw the plane in my next picture, I remember feeling so sad for those on board of MH370..and praying for them.

...and at the same time feeling thankful and blessed that our flight landed smoothly and safely.

So again...thank you to everyone in MAS.

and to our government, the SAR teams from Malaysia and all over the world...

may Allah SWT keep them safe,

and  make it easy for them  to locate MH370 soon 

and to everyone for their prayers.

Amiinnn Ya Rabbal'alamin.


  1. Looks like you had a great flight. I still am sad for all of the families on that airline that lost loved ones.. SO sad.

    Maybe Spring is finally coming to our area this week... I hope so since it has been a LONG winter and a crazy one!!!!


  2. This is a nice tribute to Malaysian Airlines. When something like Flight 370 happens we tend to forget about the things that the organization has done well and all the people that have been so helpful and professional. I like the pictures you got on your flight.

  3. wah..teringin nak naik kapal terbang :'( .....

  4. Great flight shots.
    When accident happens, many people find whom to be blamed.
    Hope the black box can be found soon.



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