Sunday, 2 February 2014

1st Feb : Hop-on hop-off on Federal Territory Day.

I have been on the hop-on hop-off city tour bus before but I couldn't resist when I knew of the RM1 special price ticket on Federal Territory Day to ride the bus.

Quite a hot day but nice and clear to capture photos..even from the bus.

Petronas Twin Tower.

Old railway station.

Outside the National Museum. 

KL City Hall Building (headquarters).

Medan MARA - reminded me of my sister's former work place  :-)

 Istana Budaya (The Palace of Culture) - National Theater

I didn't hop-off at any of the 20-plus stops except at the KL Tower.

 KL (Communications) Tower

Had a relaxing time being on the bus, amidst tourists and hardly locals...hehe... Sharing all the above from my phone, have yet to transfer photos from the camera.



noname said...

Salam, Cheqna.
Ada lagi 'hop-on hop-off city tour bus' ni ye!, pernah bawa anak2 naik bus ni utk elakkan 'sesat' di KL. Tinggalkan kreta kat hotel (Cititel) ambil komuter ke Sentral & hop-on/hop-off, tapi masa terhad x really enjoyed the trip, rugi pun ada sebab ticket tu valid for 2dys (kalau xsilaplah).

George said...

You got some wonderful pictures with your phone. It looks as if the cost of the bus ticket was a great investment. I look forward to seeing the photos from your camera.

Betsy Adams said...

Great photos taken from the tour bus.... Glad you got to do that since it obviously was a special price for you....

Have a great week.


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