Thursday, January 2, 2014

A fresh start.

Into the second day of year 2014 and not only saying "bye" to days in 2013, but also to the old work place.

November and December had been a different busy months..apart from welcoming family members from home, entertaining a good friend and her son from Kuching that I had not seen for many years followed by many reunions with our other friends, I had been busy with packing as our office moved to a different location.

Bye to the old work place. was hard work going through recent documents and also ones that were more than 10 years, my body ache all over and its not completely done though we had moved by year end. Luckily the new office is nearby (more importantly still near my home...hehehe...).

A new one still not set up when this was taken on 31.12.13.....hope for a better environment. 

Have yet to finish unpacking, hope by next week could start work properly.

and wish I could go to a good spa for a bit of pampering. :-D.

Anyway, one of my aims for new year is to lose some (ehem..) weight, but so far I have failed...hahaha...,

Not all for me thou, bought these for a little celebration for a friend's birthday.

mmmmmm.....  :-D

Hope for a stronger will.....hehehe..

1.1.14 ~ New year and new school term started in some states and for my lovely nieces...wishing them a successful and great year.....,

..hope they'll enjoy their school days, especially to my youngest niece who is in standard 1 this year.

Hope everyone have had a great start. many hopes...,



  1. I hope you are soon settled in your new work place. Your nieces are very pretty, and I hope they have a wonderful school year. Good luck with your resolution to lose weight -- I need to do that as well.

  2. THanks..Happy New Year. It's raining every day here, supposed to br snow..

  3. Good Luck for a successful and happy 2014. Sounds like you will enjoy your new workplace… Sometimes (even though it's a lot of hard work), it is nice to move --just to get organized and to get rid of things we no longer need…

    Have a great week.

  4. A new year ,a new start and way to go! wish you a successful and glorious Happy New Year,Kak Cheqna...

  5. Hope you've got more comfy work place, Cheqna.
    Wish u the best year!

  6. Wow! Looks like a start to a busier year,Happy New Year!

  7. hai cheqna.. mama pipie pun need to lose ehem-ehem.. :)

  8. Thank you everyone for the wishes..same back to all of you.

  9. This could be a good start for this year....



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