Monday, 14 October 2013

Summary : 2nd half of September 2013

Continuing from last posting up to mid-September..

Long weekend due to Malaysia Day on Monday 16th September : with some good friends we made a short trip to Lentang, Pahang for a 3D/2N stay at a resort.

On the second day, we went hiking for about half an hour to the waterfall

If previous trip to Tioman Island I didn't want to be under the fall.., this time I did, and enjoyed it! may be next time I would again..hahaha..

Made the way back to KL on the noon of 16th, stopped by the house, changed my travelling bag and my friends sent me to R & R Sg Buloh for me to hitch another ride to Kuala attend the majlis "solat hajat" for PMR & SPM students at MCKK that same night.

All the best to them..the PMR students had just finished their exam..SPM coming this 6th November 2013.

Back at the office, was quite busy finalising the accounts for audit, that started on Thursday.

The weekend 22nd to 23rd I was on the move again...this time to my hometown KT for a short visit, as some family members were going for Haj.

Took some time to practice bowling with my nieces :-) ...

..On Saturday 28th, its our Alumni's annual bowling tournament :

My batch was 4th in team event and I was 10th best bowler! most probably because some best bowlers didnt play this year,  ..hehehe..

Sunday 29th : second year that I took part in SCB KL Marathon with some friends, some of us in 5km run(I walked actually..haha..) and some others in 10km.

Along the way I was enjoying the views of KL, took time to take photos..and finally at the finishing line I was caught on camera doing that !......hahaha...

[My nephew told me that he and his friends in school had a good laugh seeing that photo of me..., me and my camera..., I said luckily I didn't carry my DSLR! hehehe...]

The audit field work had finished and now to finalise it for AGM.

Meantime, now I'm back in my hometown again for Eid 'ul Adha  ~ so I'm wishing all Muslim friends and readers..

In "schedules" in the next few weeks are the Alumni's dinner, trip with some friends, then another journey to Kuala Kangsar and a volleyball match with students @Cyberjaya (don't know if I could still play... but I'll bring my camera surely...hehe)

No wonder my nephew's friend asked him recently..." does Cheqna stay at her home?"




George said...

You've certainly been kept busy with traveling, bowling, and marathons. At least you're not bored! Thanks for sharing the waterfall with us.

thomas said...

Looks very busy like your usual self,keep it up!

noname said...

Oh ...very busy, but keep yr blog updated so that we can also busybodies. he..he..he...wait yr next updates.

rohmad aini said...

selamat hari raya

Lina Gustina said...

You always have fun things to share :)

MumMe said...

drop by to say hello...

Cheqna said...

lets join the "busybodies" club...hehehe... :-D

Cheqna said...

thank you Thomas..I do feel tired sometimes and couldn't catch up to my own work and leisure schedules...haha..


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