Friday, 5 April 2013

Trip down under..

It's almost a year ago that my friends and I traveled south to Sydney, Australia (our first choice was Melbourne but we got cheaper tickets for Sydney..hehe..)

I'd been to Sydney once but many years before, so I didn't mind making a "repeat" trip. :-)

Been putting off postings for this trip but before I go for my next ( ehem ) destination I'd better update this one first.

See...almost reaching one year "anniversary"..ha ha..

Sorry to crop your picture "mate" :-D

Making our way in a taxi...the cab driver was friendly and funny...(thumbs up!)

To where we stayed during our short visit..(thank you to a dear friend who helped us on this.. ;-) )

Have few, errr hundreds of photos (not including from my friends' cameras) to share..will try to choose some in future postings :

The famous landmark of Sydney.

Another one..

and another..

We were at the zoo too...

Sleepy one..hehe..

and to few other places.

So till my next one...,

Good Dayyy Mate!



MumMe said...

bestnye kak cheqna...x pernah jejak australia lagi...jenuh menunggu trip japan december ni...lambatnyaaaaa...

Bieaz said...

awesome trip..... :)

Thomas Lee said...

Looks like another interesting trip.

noname said...

Sampaikan salam kat 'Sydney' ye... he..he..he

Al-Manar said...

Fantastic, still on the move!


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