Monday, 11 March 2013

Prayers and support from afar...

"Inilah Barisan Kita"

Being Malaysian, and coming from a family of a father as former policeman and brothers in armed forces I really am saddened by the current happenings in one of our states.

My prayers for the safety of our troops in Sabah especially, and all over Malaysia.

Keep your spirits high.

Link to youtube - Here

Al-Fatihah and prayers to our fallen heroes...

prayers for their families and other families too...may they stay strong, spiritually and physically.



thomas said...

I just hope this nightmare will be over soon.

MumMe said...

mumme pun terkesan dgn peristiwa ni...hr2 balik rumah switch on news channels.terutamanya Awani dan Bernama..mmg suspend.

George said...

Members of the armed forces of our countries need our prayers -- and our thanks.

Betsy Adams said...

I will pray for your soldiers. I know it's hard to read about those who die in situations like that. We have soldiers fighting in places like Afghanistan --and it's so scary for them to be there. The world can be a cruel place, can't it?

Prayers and Love,

noname said...

Lagu yg selalu memberi semangat masa zaman sekolah. Alfatihah buat 'yg gugur' & buat kaum keluarga 'yg kehilangan' redhalah kerana mereka 'milik Allah'. Yaa Allah, kembalikan keamanan bumi Malaysia, Amin.


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