Friday, 28 December 2012

Eating session (2)...and walkathon

This was a potluck do and we had variety of food contributed by the friends who turned up

I guess I'd over indulged myself especially with the cakes, ice-creams, trifle, apple crumble etc...hehe..

However before the desserts were served, we had the chance to reduce a bit of the "kgs" gained earlier...a Walkathon was organised after the 'Asr prayer.

Odd one out  :-D

However I cheated, had a leisure walk, did some short cuts, took out my compact digital camera and did some photography instead...hehehe...

Peeping at some friends who joined the walkathon...haha

I returned to the house and became the first to "finish" the walkathon, but of course I was disqualified and didn't win the prizes...hahaha...

Had a pleasant time with great friends.



Betsy Adams said...

Well---at least you had a good time at the Walkathon... You may have taken some shortcuts but you did get some great photos.... Thanks for sharing.

NOW---indulge all you want to... That food looks delicious!!!!! ha

Happy New Year.

Arjuna Silvera said...

love and "berangan" nak makan buah berangan

Cheqna said...

Hi Betsy,

haha yes..and going to indulge some more as now my friends and I are talking about visiting our former teacher, and as usual will be another potluck do again..


Cheqna said...

Now baru tau macamana nak masak without pasir..boleh buat sendiri - dapat makan banyak n cheaper too..hehe..

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

eat and walk! :) that's healthy!

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thomas said...

Lovely lakeside shots.

MumMe said...

unique presentation of cut fruits---gambar pertama...cantik area ni kak...

Lina Gustina said...

What a beautiful place! Great shots, Cheqna.
Love seeing the food too :)

Bieaz said...

good snap....walkathon plus makan hahaha


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