Sunday, 11 November 2012

Laksa : my two versions

Felt like having "laksa Penang" (northern style rice noodle) yesterday but I'd yet to find one that really suit my palate nearby. So I decided to make it myself.

But whilst making it I was watching the food channel and it showed one chef making a different version of noodle gravy..,

oh my, and I craved to have both.......hahaha..

First I made the gravy for "Laksa Penang"..with its main ingredients "daun kesom" (laksa leaves), "bunga kantan" (ginger flower)..lots of "asam keping" (for sour taste) and little bit of "belacan" (shrimp paste)...and fish flakes of course. :-)

While the gravy was boiling..made another one with another half of the fish flakes. I didn't make the TV version as I felt like having my home state version, "Laksa kuah merah Terengganu".

But as I'd never done it before, I searched for the recipe on the net. This version used coconut milk and curry powder.

So "Laksa Penang" for lunch :

and "Laksa Terengganu" for dinner,

and the result was not bad if I may say so myself....not bad for my first attempt...hehehe...



Cat-from-Sydney said...

Ehem.....did someone mention fish flakes? I want fish!!!! purrr....meow!

Arjuna Silvera said...

wow...lotsa like too...

absolutely emy said...

Hihihihi.. tengok laksa cheqna.. tiba2 saya teringin nak makan laksa..

Cikgu Bada said...


TK said...

Amboi..rajinnya msak smpai 2 jenis laksa..When i first came to tganu mmg suka sgt laksa kuah merah..nowadays dah slow sikit sbb byk lg makanan lain yg i suka jugak hehe.. I thnk laksa kuah merah rasa mcm laksa johor sikit2.


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