Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Click! click!

Subconsciously I must have missed my photography trips that I dreamt about it last week...hehehe...

So when I went back to my hometown during the weekend, I took the chance to take out the camera and did some tours with Nazeem and his school friend Amir, a Johorean boy who had never been to Terengganu state.

But because we were fasting, we didn't travel much..more of showing Amir K.Terengganu's landmarks.

Took some pictures of them and at the same time took some of other subjects that caught my eyes.

"Masjid Terapung", Kuala Ibai Terengganu

Mushroom...  :-)

Testing my skill.. hehehe..

Another one

And another...

"Batu Bersurat" roundabout in K.Terengganu city

In front of the Istana (Palace) Maziah.

Terengganu @ Losong Museum

Main entrance to the Museum.

Favourite subjects  :-)

"Bunga Raya" ~ National flower.



  1. Hi, You are a GREAT photographer.. I think your photos are wonderful. I especially like the ones with reflections. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for taking us with you to your hometown. It looks like a beautiful place. I really like the reflections you captured, and of course the blossoms are beautiful.

  3. Love the mosque and the palm tree reflection shot,
    it will be nicer still if you can get the full reflection of the mosque

  4. Nice photos Cheqna. By the way "Bunga Raya" is called "gumamela in my country.

    Thank you for the greetings you left on my blog. Take care.



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