Thursday, 19 July 2012

TLC : Much needed rest.

Have yet to recover fully from what the doctor said was the viral fever.

It started early morning last week, the morning that I'd geared myself to go for the "senamrobik" event at my former school. But I went to work though a bit late, and suffered minor headache, muscle aches and joint pain the whole day, and my eyes strained.

Into the fourth day, Friday morning and I finally went to see the doctor...and with a sore throat, a slightly at the border BP rate (but no fever), the doctor said I need to take antibiotics and some medications for the aches (and "NO", she didn't need to take blood sample as its not dengue as I indicated - hehehe..).

Today I have finished most medicines, but still need to take the cough syrup...hope I'll get well soon.

Anyway, the Ramadhan month is here..wishing my family, my muslim friends and blog readers Ramadhan Kareem..may we be blessed with good health and stronger faith to be better persons..amiin.

Happy fasting and lets take this given chance to do Taraweeh prayers. (here)

Have a great weekend everyone!



George said...

I hope you are soon feeling better and have a blessed Ramadhan.

MumMe said...

get well soon kak cheqna...mumme satu family baru keluar hospital...Danish caught with pneumonia...almost 4 days kami di hospital...

Cheqna said...

Hello George,

Thank you..hope so..I'm still coughing and on off flu over the weekend and today..but much better after a rest during last two days.

Hope that you and Betsy are in good health.


Cheqna said...


So sorry about Danish..praying that he's recovering well. Take care ye and have a blessed Ramadhan.


thomas said...

Sickness usually blamed on a hectic lifestyle,
i envy people living in the kampung,
life is so carefree and healthy
anyway get well fast for it's now Ramadhan.

Cheqna said...

I guess its true, my sudden hectic schedules this past few months compared to my relax mode shocked my body system...hehehe



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