Friday, 4 May 2012

Planning for the next two days.

Expecting another full weekend, have to make proper planning so that I can do or attend as much as possible and at the same time enjoy my two days break.

Have yet to sort out photos of recent trip, one friend has already given me one pen-drive to save some photos of hers :-D.. will try to do it soon..hehe.

In the meantime, sharing some photos at the Langkawi Island, last went there about two years ago.

Have a nice weekend!



MumMe said...

nice pictures especially yg last sekali tu...yatch dr atas bukit...

thomas said...

To me Langkawi have lost its old splendour,
so much difference and commercialized compared to the first time i went there in 1982.

noname said...

Stuju dengan Thomas, i lost my langkawi...Cheqno


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