Thursday, 22 March 2012

How safe are we???

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Received a phone call last night from a good friend of mine who said that her mum had been mugged at her sister's house yesterday afternoon. I was shocked.

So this morning I stopped by the house to see this auntie. According to her, two guys on a motorcycle and wearing blue uniforms, claimed that they were from TNB (National electrical body). Coincidentally the house had had electrical problems recently but the problems had been rectified.

Being a trusting person, she let one of the guys entered the compound though she'd thought of telephoning her daughter first, and also that the guys looked "weird" ~ were wearing scarfs and big sunglasses i.e not "professional" looking for someones who were supposed to be working.

The guy asked to go into the house and once inside he pushed her to the floor and grabbed the bracelet she was wearing. Not enough with that, he used his knife to ask for her necklace (luckily she'd took if off just before that)..somehow I thought he must done surveys and seen her wearing it before.

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She found her voice then to scream for help and it was heard and responded by her next door neighbour..the guy quickly took off with his friend who'd standby outside with the motor engine running.

Alhamdulillah she wasn't hurt but she said she was scared still...Understandable.. but I hope she's not too traumatised by the incident.

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To have someone you know and love went through that is something that scares me..I pray for her and family.

Once in the office I called my sister and told her about this. I worry about my mum especially..and praying for the safety of her and my family back home..May Allah SWT keep them well away from all disasters..Amiin.

To all, please take good care, be careful and be aware of your surroundings..somehow nowadays we cannot place our trust too easily.

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Joli / Lengyel Jolán / said...

Hello! Joyful, I wish you a nice day my friend! :)

Monty said...

hello! i was trying to leave a message on your shoutbox but i don't know why it doesn't appear :(
anyway i just dropped by to say hi and made some supporting too. :)

Wan Sharif said...

A neighbour, a close friend of Mokwang was robbed the other day.. 2 men on a bike stopped and asked for direction then they asked whether her husband was around.. On negative response on of them jumped over the gate and grabbed her necklace and bracelet. Luckily she was not hurt..

thomas said...

a lot of impersonator nowadays and sometines we don't know who to thrust.

i amsterdam said...

So many cases, what's becoming of the society???


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