Saturday, 10 March 2012

14) Keukenhof Garden - Part 4

...continuing the garden journey :-D


(Info from the internet)

The most beautiful Spring Garden in the world.

In the 15th century Countess Jacqueline of Bavaria was the owner of the estate. In these grounds she hunted and in the court next to her fortress “Teylingen”, she grew herbs and vegetables for the kitchen. That is where the name Keukenhof comes from: Kitchen Garden

In 1850 the original design for the park was made by father and son Zocher,
landscape architects from Haarlem.

In 1949 a group of flower bulb growers and exporters came up with the idea of
holding an exhibition as showcase for the flower bulb industry.

In total there are 15 kilometers of walking paths.

There are 280 benches, 15 fountains and 32 bridges in the park.

At Keukenhof there are more than 2500 trees in total in 87 different varieties.

Every year 7 million flower bulbs are planted in more than 1600 different varieties.

These bulbs are supplied by more than 90 exhibitors, our “Court Suppliers”.

The total area of the park measures 32 hectares (about 80 acres).

Every year 12 swans are leased for the duration of the opening period.

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Wan Sharif said...

Lo... I thought I was reading an advertisement from the ministry of Tourism, Holland ;)
Very nice pictures...
Went there in 1980 with the boys tak Ada lah berlama sangat disitu... Tetapi tak tahu yang keukenoff was a huge 32 hectares of flower park..

Cheqna said...

Ayoh Wang,

LOL...I don't mind really being their mini ambassador, be there few weeks a year, fully paid for of course..hehehe


Al-Manar said...

Like Ayah Wang I wonder. I think Pulau Duyung and the lot of water around it plus the fish and crocodiles would give even a better story!

Joli / Lengyel Jolán / said...

Hello! Beautiful and happy weekend i wish dear friend :)

thomas said...

I wonder which is the most beautiful garden in M'sia.

Ckin Kembaq said...

cantik.. ^_^

p/s : mcm mana nak follow blog ni?tak ada google friend connect..huhu

TK said...

CAntiknya..gambar2 garden kat holland mmg tengok berkali2 pun tak beautiful. Kenapa kat Malaysia xde parks yg cantik2 mcm overseas?? Tropical plants and flowers pun cantik juga..:)

i amsterdam said...

Today, I learn something new when reading this post hehehe rajinnya Cheqna.

Rad Sujanto said...

Wow... were there a lot of butterflies or honey bees? I bet a bucket of flowers there is pretty cheap :p :p

Lina Gustina said...

Very serene and beautiful...


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