Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bearer of sad news..

Sometimes I love receiving messages in my hand phone (as long as not the advertisement kind)..but this past week, had been receiving some that brought sad news.

Last week on Thursday, a friend sent one about 6.30 am to inform the passing of our office mate's father-in-law, who lived in our neighbourhood..

On Monday evening, received news that our school friend's mother passed away..she had been sick for many years..with some friends we visited the family yesterday afternoon.

...and this morning about 7.30am, received a very sad news about our school friend's husband, who died in an accident yesterday..really am sad for her and her small children...hope she's given the strength to face this grieving hours.

Al-Fatihah...semoga ruh-ruh arwah diampuni segala dosa, dicucuri rahmat Allah SWT dan ditempatkan bersama para salihin...

"Dari Allah SWT kita datang, kepada Allah SWT kita kembali.."


i amsterdam said...

Alfatihah :(

Al-Manar said...

It has been a sad month for us with a number of deaths. Two sms nessages came around 3am.Such is life.


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