Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Lessons in life"

When I got the email last month from Ze on this, I knew then that it'd end up in my blog..hehe..

But b'cos it was in a powerpoint format, I needed the time to "re-process" and "re-do"...

..some more, I don't need all the 45 lessons [ too much 4 me :-) ] ~ so I chose the ones that I'd like to share and did it in video format, accompanied by one of my fav. song - "Mustika" by M.Nasir.

and of course, I'm giving the credit to the person who did it - He Yan - back in Nov.09.



  1. Cheqna,
    Am thinking adverts before the movie starts. Why? purrr....meow!

  2. eh? adverts? am blur a bit over here..hehehehe...but don't u love mustika's music?

    banyak keja laa..looking frwd to sat. with d gang.


  3. love the music of 'Mustika' Cheqna...
    and the lessons of life on video were really gold... most worthy...
    Thx for showing us my fren!!

  4. Nensa, glad u enjoyed my "presentation".

    n you r welcome!


  5. It's very kind of you to share valuable things like this...

  6. thank u Lina for ur kind response, glad to share.


  7. I like the quote about don't compare life with others, to me it is much true. You have done nice edited on the video clip Cheqna. I like the voice of the most macho vocal of msian male singer.

  8. Tqvm Rad..have tried my best, i like doing videos..may be i shld try belajar ber "youtube"?..

    ye lah, sometimes we are too bz comparing ourselves with others and we forget to be thankful for having a better life than some others.

  9. it would be lovely if you had upped it on you tube. its too beautiful not to be shared :)



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