Friday, 9 April 2010

Doctor's visit.

It had been exactly a month ago,
That I went to see the doctor.

For a medical check-up that'd been long over due,
So there at the clinic finally in d queue.

My blood sample was needed,
And for that my arm was injected.

"Come in a few days", I was told,
The results should then be "unfold".

And up until yesterday, I still didn't know,
But today for my peace of mind, I had to go.

Alhamdulillah ok except for my cholesterol,
And so I was advised on my diet control.

Lamb chop, prawns are currently a "No, No",
and I promised to exercise more n more.

Relieved to be back at d waiting hall,
It was not so bad after all.

As I could be heard laughing inside,
Remarked a friend who was waiting outside.

But I'm sure the doctor would understand,
If I defer to go and visit her again.

But if this "doctor" is behind the door,
Would people be willing to go more?

["Mc Dreamy" of "Grey's Anatomy" series
~ but i dont even watch it.. :-)]



I amsterdam said...

Dear Cheqna,

I love it! It rhymes perfectly..

And of course if it was that "doctor", I would join you in d queue.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Hmmm...I wish McDreamy is a vet. I'll willingly let him insert the thermometer in my ...... har har har *evil thoughts*

Cheqna said...

Dearest I.a...

joining d long queue...hehehe...


Cheqna said...

Dearest Cat...

u can blame this McDreamy thing on Aimy..she's d one who "introduced" me to his character... PG15...behave "purrfectly" or i'll report to ur mama!


NENSA MOON said...

Hahaha.... surely if he's the doctor...I dont mind for joined the long long queue....with u....

Cheqna said...

hahaha Nensa, u too?

this "doctor" is a favourite among d ladies...hehehe..


Anonymous said...

hope for a sweet lady doctor inside the room every time I am going to enter the doctor room.

Cheqna said...


at least our queue for that "doctor" is shorter with u waiting behind a different door!..hehe..



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