Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trip to Kuale...

We got to know that this was supposed to be an outing weekend for Nazeem, the first for this time flies, he was just back from school holidays few weeks ago...

(leaving kampung earlier this month)

(with his 3 sisters)

...n so, instead of him coming over, we decided to go and stay there..luckily we managed to get rooms at the Sg. Perak Resort.

(buffet lunch at the resort; Nazeem n his friend, Hafiz)

Earlier on Friday when Nazeem contacted me and asked if we could go to Ipoh, my first thot was.."oh, oh"..I felt nervous as I'd never been i quickly googled about the city..hehehe...

Ha ha ha...I guessed the reason why he wanted to go there..and true enough...he wanted to go n buy doughnuts at Big Apple!...but what a trip, we got lost, entered wrong side of Ipoh, round and round we went, asking and got wrong directions..and finally managed to go to Ipoh Parade..only to be told that the shop was at Jaya Jusco...a long way from there..waaaaaaaaa....

(at the Parade)

By that time it was already quite late and we had to rush back to Kuala Kangsar so I said to Nazeem that we'd try again next time..We started the journey back and looked for the highway sign...but there it was, Jaya Jusco!. :-)..

...not wanting to disappoint him, we detoured a bit and parked the car at the parking lot whilst he went inside with Hafiz...and they came back a short while later with grins on their faces!...mmmm...the short stopover was worth it...:-)

...was so tired last nite that I was already "out" b4 10!..hehehe...


Sent them back to the hostel this morning by 11.30am...and half an hour later, we made our move back to KL..Alhamdulillah reached home safely by 3pm...

However, before we left "Kuale" we waited till this one particular vendor opened his business...cendol!




  1. Cheqna,
    Wei...donuts tu ambe dok gemor but that cendol...oh...mamak cendol ku... Does this one has kacang merah or pulut? Been trying to recall how my Grandma made her home-made cendol. Even ground her own newly harvested rice to get the tepung beras. yummmm.... purrr....meow!

  2. waahh...home made cendol? teach me how to make the yummy one...pretty pls?...i really luv cendol (at Kuale only basic one, no pulut or anything...)

    i told my family that should i want to go into a simple business, i want to sell cendol...targetting on the school kids that pass thru our house, open for only few short hours so it's.."Cheqna's cendol ~ special punye"...hehehe...

    errr btw...who's grandma? Angie's or her mama's?..haha..




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