Monday, 21 December 2009

Dalca time.

I attempted to cook "dalca" the other day. Not sure of the recipe, I just made it all up ~ a bit in a hurry (and a bit "lazy") to look for it in the mags or recipe books or to switch on the computer and be online :-).

..and so I gathered the ingredients that I thought should be in it..hehehe..

My made up recipe :

~ A small bowl of beef - cubed
~ Potatoes
~ Carrots
~ Dhal
~ Celery
~ Long Beans
~ Tomatoes
~ A bowl of coconut cream
~ Curry powder/chilli paste
~ Onions/garlic/ginger ~ to blend
~ Salt to taste.

I confidently cooked it like I normally would in making curry,..and whilst it simmered, called up my eldest sister in K.T...but she said I should use dalca powder instead of curry powder...aaahh??..there's special powder or paste for dalca eh?..that's the first time I heard...hehehehe...

my dalca/veggies curry :-)


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Cheqna dearie,
We usually use bones too, apart from just meat, lamb instead of beef, for that strong Indian smell. I think this dalca powder is new, in the old days people will just use curry powder. Looks yummy though, your concoction. OK, pass the paratha please! purrr....meow!

I amsterdam said...

I normally use curry powder too, but somebody gave us dalca powder(i think made in India/pakistan) a few mths back. I mixed with curry powder coz it was too hot to use on its own and it turned out quite well, the smell was sure yummy :)

Cheqna said...

Tqvm Cat n I'm not totally in d wrong eh..hehehe..

I luv veggies, so i dont mind making it again, may be d next time will use dalca powder..serve with pratha or home made roti canai?..come on down!...che waaah..

but it seems that everyone else knows how to make dalca much much much earlier than me...waaaaaa!!!!!


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