Sunday, 8 November 2009

Three mornings...



when i texted Ayu the nite before, inviting her to join me for meal on Friday on her way back to Kuantan, she asked me instead to join her at the hotel...i said why not since I'd be around that area that morning.

So by 7.15am i was already in front of Vistana Hotel to meet up with her for early morning breakfast..

we had a good time, good laugh, good food ~ luckily i already informed my boss that i'd be a little late..hehehe...

~Vistana Restaurant~



Woke up at about get ready for an early morning ride to KLIA. Booked a taxi with the usual driver to leave at 4.30am...

~K.L's taxi~

and by 6.30am, after the Fajr prayer and checked-in at the MAS counter, we already sat down for breakfast, waiting for our 8.40 flight.

~K.L Internationali Airport~

Alhamdulillah...reached K.T about 9.30am ~ our hand luggage filled with 7 small packets of peanuts given by the crew [ the flight was not full :-) ] ~ mum, Nor and her kids were waiting for us at the airport.



About 7am I was alone in the kitchen, happily cooking my current fav. " nasi goreng" ~ fried rice with fried anchovies ~ for breakfast when i was "interupted"...


..a little while later Batrisyia came asking me why did i scream? sis who was nearby doing her ironing said, "as usual...(she saw) cockroach". late father used to laugh when i jumped or screamed or left the house chores partly done b'cos of it.

(mmm...actually wanted to add a picture of one but couldnt go thru with choosing it..haha..)




Cat-in-Sydney said...

Another new baby? but this time my Mama not there to be your co-driver. White car...same like ours...but different brand lor! hehehe... dah sihat sangat lah tu, sampai boleh nak drive jauh-jauh tu. meow!

Cheqna said...

the journey was slow and steady ~ with new car and heavy rains on some parts, but alhamdulillah still could reach here abt 5pm.

today suffer a bit, too much walking and activities at kampung ...lucky its the left leg, drive auto maa...hehe..

finished that cherries yet?.."ghibtah"2...


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Brought some to the ofc today, plus some of the peaches and nectarines too. Dah habis hak ni baru gi beli plums and apricots pulak. Jangan marah....meow!


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