Saturday, 14 November 2009

A beginning of a long holiday...

hehehe...sadly its not for me...
but for my nephew, Nazeem and his friends at MCKK..
they are allowed to go back a week earlier than the official year end school hols.

So today, on behalf of his parents,
we went to "Kuale" to fetch him and bring him back to K.L
before we go back for Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

~Nazeem at the compound of his "old" hostel,
next year he'd be staying at the main hostel~ school year there has passed, and he's still 12++ ...his 13th birthday is coming soon. :-)

On the way back, it rained heavily from Tapah that sometimes we had to use the "hazzard light" (this term i had to confirm with Nazeem ~ he's more an "expert" on motoring, been reading auto mag since he was small..hehehe..)

Alhamdulillah we reached home about 6pm. n tonite in "honour" of him, i cooked his fav. dish.

~meehoon soup~

His mum would always make for him what we fondly call mee sup "bodo" (trans ~"stupid" mee soup ~ i.e very basic chicken soup with mee, haha..), but of course, as I told Nazeem, my version tonite was slightly "clever" ~ i added some veggies..hehehe...

ok, signing off..need to rest, tomorrow another day of outing.


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Cheqna, a coincidence. We also ate mee sup bodo tonite - it's plain beef soup with noodles. Mama said she was too lazy to harvest the vege from the garden so we just had some spring onion and celery masquerading as vege. She didn't even make the usual sambal kicap. hmmm...but still yummy! purrr....meow!

Cheqna said...

they say, great minds think alike..rite?

so mine was really a bit cleverer.. than ur mama's...we had sambal kicap..hehehe...


I amsterdam said...


Bila nak balik raya? Lama ke cuti nanti? Selamat bercuti & berhari raya

Cheqna said...

Dear I.a ~ "Selamat hari Raya" to u and family too.



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