Thursday, October 29, 2009

Medical leave - Part 2

A neighbour greeted me when I was coming home from the clinic yesterday...and commenting on the fresh fish in his big plastic bag, he said that he just got back from his workplace ~ the wet market, and suddenly took some out and gave it to me after knowing that I was living with my family!

Have yet to cook it...but I chuckled everytime I thot about it....

mmm...normally patients receive...



or chocolates,

but i got ~ fresh fish!...


Later on in the evening, whilst relaxing in front of the TV, the minisode of "Different Strokes" was aired ~ "Small Claims Court"

~ where at first he was amazed that there was a special court for small people... :-)

...then in the court room scene he "talked" to the bench at the back of the court when asked to address his grievances to the bench (judge)...hehehehehe....

couldnt find that particular minisode in the youtube but managed this one instead.


What a day...


Alhamdulillah, I'm better now...


  1. Cheqna,
    That's catfood! hmmm...masak singgang ke masak asam pedas? yummmm.... get well soon, OK? then we join Aunty Ayu in Redang. Jealous!!!! meow!

  2. Hi Cat...dont know yet what to cook...i got ikan selar, kembung and cencaru!..hehehe...

    Asam pedas? yummy, one of my fav., n now i know how to do it from scratch...last time used to buy the kuah segera.. :-)

    tqvm dear, i hope to get real well soon too, i want to join the grooming session with the frm 5 girls at ssp tmrw...sounds interesting...purrrfect...yeah yeah...

    Redang?...not jealous there...not my cup of tea..esp not after the grooming....hihihi (controlling the laugh...)

    n syhhhh...dont tell aunty Ayu, or she'd take my red lipstick away...


  3. Cheqna,
    Yesterday Mama went to the shops to buy catfood (wajiban) and came back with some fish too, for her. Said today she'll cook masak asam pedas with daun kesom. She has planted a pot in her "kitchen garden." Or maybe masak lemak cili api with timun? Or just ikan bakar? Oooo...I'm salivating now. meow!

  4. daun kesom in kuah laksa penang also best...even in nasi ulam....mmmmm...

    masak lemak cili api, with little bit!!!

    i wish i could have "kitchen garden" as well...but no green fingers for me...even the cactus plants that i bought in small pots died on me..hehehe...

    do enjoy the makan-makan time!


  5. Cheqna,
    Mama is so fickle minded. No asam pedas, singgang or lemak cili api. She cooked Thai green curry instead as she managed to get some pea eggplant (terung pipit) and the Thai basil in the "garden" fluorishing. She actually mix some of the "ikan" with rice and fed us. Yummy...a great change compared to our usual canned food. meow!

  6. waahh..kenduri curry..

    mmm... i shouldnt talk about food so much, trying to hold on to my diet...hehehe...


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