Monday, 31 August 2009


Tear down divisive walls: Najib

(excerpt NST online)


KUALA LUMPUR: Likening unity to bridges that connect the people and disunity to walls that divide them, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tonight urged the people to repair their bridges and tear down the divisive walls that existed among the races.

Addressing the nation in his first National Day message as the prime minister, Najib said the passing of time saw the bridges, which were painstakingly built by the nation's founding fathers, becoming shaky due to attempts by certain quarters whom he described as opportunistic groups out to exploit frictions among the people.

Najib said these groups were exploiting the slip lines that existed among the society, be they are political, religious or social, to satisfy their narrow agenda.

The prime minister also called on the people to keep on fuelling "the burning spirit of patriotism" and to dedicate their energies to making the 1Malaysia vision a success.

Tomorrow is Malaysia's 52nd National Day and the theme for this year's celebrations is "1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now."

"Let us ensure that the flag of honour, Jalur Gemilang, will continue to fly proudly at the international arena. Let us pray that this great journey of ours is blessed and guided by The Almighty."

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