Monday, June 22, 2009

Balanced diet...

In another "attempt" to be on diet :-),
last nite's dinner was a "balanced" menu
~ cooked veggie soup and crab salad,
and ended with pineapple juice.

let's see d recipe...

put cauliflower, carrot and celery,
with this and that in a pot of water,
cooked till a bit tender,
add pepper and salt to taste...

then placed fried crabs on top of lettuce
~ and here's a different kind of "crab salad"..

balanced? welllll...
one menu helped in the diet,
the other one simply counter it...

so, a simple equation really
and i didnt really feel guilty
with the fried crab so yummy...



  1. Cheqna, did u leave anything for mez? I wanna crab too!!! purrr purrr meow meow meow

  2. read my mind did u? still have extra uncooked one in the freezer...

    yesterday's? gone in a flash..hehehee...




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