Friday, 12 July 2013

SSP : School Band and Wind Orchestra.

I'd always have fond memories and usually feel nostalgic whenever I see school band playing or marching...remembering own experiences with the rest of the band members, practising songs, marching in the hot sun, performing at events and competed in schools' competitions and I love it when we traveled on the bus in our yellow and blue uniforms, white boots, black caps, white gloves and all...

not forgetting, me and my dear friend completed the "set" with ponytails ..hehehe...

Anyway, in May I had the chance to go to the finale of Wind Orchestra among the boarding schools with some friends...all the 9 schools in the final were good, these 13 - 17 years old boys and girls really worked hard to reach this stage. I believe all of us were proud of them.

And I'm happy that my former school became the champion..yeay..yeay..


and also "Best Conductor" for this girl...(clap clap clap)

Listening "live" at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) to these girls playing gave me goosebumps...

Here's the video/link from youtube (here) of them playing "Vesuvius" during the competition.

The girls are currently in Sydney Australia at the invitation of Australian International Music Festival(AIMF2013) for some performances and compete in the event between 7 -14th July 2013.

All the best to them..may they gain wonderful experiences there.

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thomas said...

Nice performance and well rewarded.


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