Monday, 10 June 2013

Once upon a time : The slippers

We did lots of walking during our trip,

That I hurt my feet and needed to buy new slippers few days later...

the slippers that my sister dubbed "Cucci" because I bought it near "Gucci" shop ...hahaha...

A couple of  days later, bought another one..and the first remark our travel guide said to me when he came to pick us up was on my new slippers!

Nice colour right? hehe..

Anyway, I guess the trip really was a hectic one that by Thursday last week I had to see the doctor, given the medical leave..,

and last weekend was spent on sleeping most of the time.


hmmm...I didn't buy the glass one, so there were none left behind....hehehe..

mr. google image



MumMe said...

get well soon kak cheqna...comfy for feet a must for a traveller... :) ---a good reason for shopping...

NARDtheNERD said...

woowww banyak kasut baru. ehehe. :)

thomas said...

wah!slippers and medicine do have connection!
Time to take another break.

Arjuna Silvera said...

slipper..kekadang tidak dipedulikan..tak disimpan sebaiknya .namun selalu diperlukan

Bieaz said...

get well soon sis..:)
tetibe je cinderella hehe


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