Friday, 31 May 2013

Poem : The Rose

A single rose
Given by one to another
A single rose
Be it a friend, sister

A single rose
So good and pure
A single rose
May be the cure

A single rose
May dry the tears
A single rose
Wipes away the fears

A single rose
Represents many things
A single rose
To a memory, it clings

And if, by chance, that memory is bad
A single rose
Can seem so sad

But if, with luck, the memory is good
The rose stands proud
As it should.

Poem by : Calysta Rose Anderson

(Photos taken at Rose Garden @ MARDI, Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands.)



MumMe said...

nice poem and nicest them all...

Sop Nama Saya said...

cantik gambar
guna DSLR apa? hehe


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