Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Canopy walk @ FRIM Kepong.

Last weekend didn't do much activity, instead was glad to receive and welcome guests on Saturday and Sunday...been a while since guests were entertained at the house (was told that from my FB status they could see me being here and there most weekends..hehe..sorry)

So I'm sharing some photos taken few weekends back.

500m seemed further :-D

But finally...

That was "youknowho"

The above photo must be taken during this  :-) 

I was quite nervous during the walk..thou still managed to capture some photos

I really was not prepared for the walking and hiking...was puffing whilst others were chatting happily.. ;-)

And as the next day I couldn't resist joining the girls in my former school training volleyball, I was on medical leave for 2 days!...hahaha...



thomas said...

Haven't been there yet,so near yet so far!

Bieaz said...

wowwww.....hiking cukup mencabar BTW awesome view

Cikgu Bada said...

menarik tempat ni


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