Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spending time with nieces

Was in my hometown (again) for a week, 

 and became "part-time nanny" to my nieces ... hehehe ... :-D

And my way of entertaining them? One day we went for bowling :

Their scores

and mine...hehehe...


and the next evening we went to the beach,

I had the fun flying their kites for a while...hehe..



Cmte Valter said...

Thank you very much dear Cheqna for your visit, happy thursday with peace and happiness. Hugs Valter. ♥

thomas said...

Wah! So relaxing playing bowling and kite
away from hectic city life.

George said...

I'll bet your nieces were sorry to see you leave. You didn't spoil them, did you? You definitely had lots of fun.

Arjuna Silvera said...

score 163..not bad..

Bieaz said...

bowling dah lama saya tak main...
pasal kejadian bola selalu masuk longkang HAHAHA

kat sana siap ada jual kites tu yang best pergi beach.

Lina Gustina said...

Busy but fun times :)
Have a great weekend, Cheqna

roffe said...

It is nice to visit the family and do something funny.
Have a nice weekend..

Iswady Wahid said...

hai cheqna. pa kabar nich?


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