Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chef: but not a master

Last weekend I tried making this fruit tart using the recipe that I got from watching the food channel ;

...not bad but the pastry crust too sweet for me, need to make adjustment on the sugar...

At noon today, suddenly had a craving for thin crust pizza..I know I had a pack of multipurpose pastry in my fridge.

However, I needed time to defrost it, so decided to make the dough myself, but too lazy (HAHA) to check the recipe so made up my own :-D.

Not thin crust though...

Into the oven for 15 minutes

Opened a can of tomatoes

Added leftover of beef bolognese sauce from the freezer

Some frozen veggies

Slices of chicken sausage, leftover from breakfast ;

Grated cheese ~ had Gouda and no Parmesan cheese



After that "treat", did some spring cleaning but I still had time to chat with friends at "Whatsapp" and check on my FB..hahaha..

and at one point, saw that I was tagged in one photo (the following picture is from mr google) :

She said it was for someone "who's busy cleaning the house"....,

mmmm..I can still remember the taste of that fruit salad ice cream when I had it few days ago during lunch with her.

Now I have the craving for it...but have to wait until tomorrow to buy it, as I cannot make it...hahaha...



  1. Both your tart and your pizza looks delicious... YUM... I'd love some of both!!!!!!! (Wish I lived close enough to come and sample them!!!!)

    Have a great weekend/week.

  2. Your pizza looks delicious, and since I have a sweet tooth I know I would like your fruit tart. I hope you get some of that ice cream today.

  3. May I get one slice of your yummy pizza? :)

    Happy weekend!

  4. Shops will close down soon with your kitchen smoking everyday.

  5. mcm ada org nak stock in instant crust jer...last week bekalkan Danish dgn pizza crust roti jerrr...

  6. Salam cheqna...nmpak sedap semuanya...rajin cheqna masak..drooling la..
    Tekak i tgh berselera sgt skrg...nmpak semua nak..berat i x turun2 pun lagi...naik adalah..huhu..petang kemarin baru je mkn aiskrim semangkuk...hehe

  7. rajinnya dia hehe...kan best kalo Bie dekat sana dapat makan hehe



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