Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blame it on the modern gadgets

I've been using my android tablet and not-a-smart-phone to check emails and status in facebook lately, so it's hard to update my blogs or read others.


Let see...,

Batrisyia playing with my handphone.

Nazeem with my android tablet.

Then it was Faraheen's turn with the tab :-)

Who were you texting to Fx?..hehehe..

Naim was teaching me how to "tether "/tethering i.e connecting my not-so-smart-phone to my tablet's mobile connection :-)

Nazeem being "anti-social" again...mmm..

So, can't blame me if I joined the club too!




  1. So much of our life have been taken up by these gadgets that the iphone comes with a voice,
    sooner or later these voices with be directing our life.



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