Monday, 23 July 2012

System down.

My personal health system that is.

I guess with all the tourist dos in KL, touring overseas, my back-and-forth trips back to my kampung K.Terengganu..on top of the trainings for both the 5-km fun run and bowling, my good health finally took its toll..(but just nice after the bowling tournament..hehe..)

Feeling much better on the viral fever thou my cough is slightly worse since this morning..have to make sure I control my food intake during break fast later..and to finish the cough syrup given last week..,

or may be I should just take pure honey before sleep tonight.

Anyway...on a happier note, was glad that the weekly trainings on bowling paid-off. Even thou I had "stage fright" when the actual tournament came (hahaha)...was elated that our team managed to be the 2nd runner up (Third from 21 teams..not bad eh?)

and I was placed 12th overall from 84 players! Even I was surprised..hehehe..

but lucky me, I didn't have to represent the Alumni in inter-Alumni as only the top 10 bowlers were chosen...huh..if I'd done better in my second game I'd be somewhere there...things happened for good reason ! :-D

Didn't take many pictures as I was nervous that day..and the few I'd taken didn't turn up well too..photographer mode was out...haha..

Most importantly thou, I had fun with my friends as usual.

But now I suppose its time to revert back to my normal slow and steady pace and relax (but I'm looking forward to the trip home for eid-ul-fitr with family...and trip with good friends after that!)



Cat-from-Sydney said...

My Mama's system is down too. You should hear the nerve wrecking cough we hear. I heard it's fever and flu too. Teach her for gallivanting without me. har har har *evil laughs*

you keep well, ok?

George said...

I hope your system is soon back up. Congratulations on the good showing in your bowling tournament. (I'm a lousy bowler!)

thomas said...

Hello!Sudah ok ke?


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