Saturday, 12 May 2012

* Mother's day * - change of venue...

We wanted to treat mak for "mother's day" hi-tea at her favourite place like we did last year, but she didn't agree to our suggestion so we decided to cook something at home for today's lunch instead.

"Chicken Briyani rice"

"Dessert ~ cumi with fruit cocktails"

"Fried stuffed to-fu"

My sister-in-law happened to drop by and brought this "pulut kuning" :

"WE LOVE YOU MAK"...praying for your happiness and may you be blessed always..amiin.



noname said...

loved mother every day. Hope this is just a formal celebration. Happy Mothers Day

Tips Cahaya said...

singgah ahad Cheqna, Yummy.... :D

MumMe said...

mumme singgah di hari ibu...have a blessed one...lapo la kak tgk nasi...tu...yum2

roffe said...

Hi..happy Mother's Day! have fun..

Wan Sharif said...

Ha pandai masak untuk ambil hati emak atau tunjuk tanda kasihkan emak!

TK said...

Balik Ganu ye..
Patutlah tauhu kat pasar habis hehe..
Semoga your mom sihat selalu dan dirahmati Allah selalu..

i amsterdam said...

Is that my tofu? hehehe

absolutely emy said...

(-_-)y pandainya masak..


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