Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Durian oh durian...

After 3 days of rest, I started again on the "run for fun" after work today. But I've learned my lesson..didn't push myself too hard.

The one hour :

First 15 minutes for warming up.

Followed by 15 minutes of walking ~ slow and fast.

As usual stopped for view :-)

Next 15 minutes, alternate jogging/walking ~ but the longest I could jog was 3 minutes at a time..haha..

Another one :-)

After that, 10 minutes of relaxing walk and I ended up near the parking lot.

Last 5 minutes, had this in the car :

Couldn't help myself, this fruit rojak looked tempting..haha..

Not as tired as last night, but going to rest earlier..and no coffee tonight for me..and yes, as one blogger friend said..I need rest, not coffee (Thanks Thomas!)


Mr. Google image

Anyway, what's with the durian title post? Whilst I was out for lunch today saw packets of durian being sold at a stall and I was quite tempted to buy.

Mr Google image

Passed by the stall twice but decided not to buy yet, later in the week may be..but earlier tonight the smell of durian dessert being cooked by a neighbour "sneaked" into my house...waaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verrry tempting...,



peah @ peps said...

durian...i want one!!!...

TK said...

Go Cheqna Go...
Lari jgn tak lari..
Makan jangan tak makan...hehe
Depan pasar Payang banyak durian..:)

MumMe said...

yes...another doreyan lover...welcome to the club...

Tips Cahaya said...

singgah lunch, Cheqna :)

thomas said...

Durian is always the best
but it's a pity a lot of people can't take it because
of health problems.

Cheqna said...


kalau kat FB boleh tick "like" :-D


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