Monday, 23 April 2012

Go-Karting with friends

Reached our destination by 3.30pm..settling down a bit at one apartment unit, then we went to another to be with the rest of our friends and had our lunch there.

Everybody was busy talking and giggling and laughing from then on until one committee member asked if anyone interested to try out go-karting...

Ended up with everyone went to the place...thou only some who dared to try..hehe..

The winners of first round

Winners of the 2nd round, the champ wore high-heels! :-D

Whilst there we saw a familiar face ~ a lovely presenter at a TV station,

who was there with her family.

We all had fun...even for spectators like me who preferred to take photos of the race,

and anyway I didn't want to injure myself as I'd be away for another trip soon...hehehe..



eLL said...

best tak go kart?

Wan Sharif said...

Even when I was a lot younger... I did not dare to try my hands at go karts... Not that adventurous at times..;)
Can see that somebody have a good time snapping away... Pictures!

noname said...

Ala cheqna, why not u try kot-kot boleh berangan mcam 'Schumacher' ....Chegno

Cheqna said...

tengok memang nampak interesting.. :-)


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