Thursday, 5 April 2012

Friends : worth keeping or passing through...?

After our AGM couple of weekends ago (here), our Alumni had created a new "secret" group in FB and so far had gathered over 3000 friends.

Since then I've been grinning, chuckling and even laughing out loud reading the messages posted..especially when friends reminiscing old tales on our lives at the (all-girls) boarding school. :-D

I agree when a senior of mine posted this on her wall:

It surely made our days..hope our friendship will last long, and we stay true and united..amiin.


Talking about friendship...this evening I went to see a friend who had been admitted to a hospital since the weekend. As I was still in KT when I heard the news, it was only today I could make the visit.

I was told that she was in a critical condition (and I thought she was in coma when I read the text message)...but Alhamdulillah, good to see and talk to her even though she was a bit weak as her heart and lung were not in good conditions.

Praying that she'll recover and be in good health soon and that she and her family will stay strong..amiiin.

I was touched when she told us that her friends from her Alumni had done a donation drive to help her very good of them.. friend is surely blessed to have friends like that....,

and I hope that I do too..


thomas said...

and friend come and go too!

misyamissyou said...

aaa a good real friend is hard to find..

Jolly Princess said...

Real friends are difficult to find. Thanks to friends who are willing to extend a helping hand. I know how expensive hospital bills are. Thanks for sharing the true story of friendship. :)

George said...

Friends are a true blessing, and those of us who have good friends in our lives are very fortunate.


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