Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Dinner on Saturday.

We went out that night to have dinner at a place that was recommended by a committee member. It was an ala carte dinner, and we were asked to order within a certain budget limit..hehe..

The food court was by the beach front, and with the nice breezy night, most of us ordered this coconut drink :


We didn't have to wait long for our drinks (Ithink!), but after that it was a while before my friend got this..and she proceeded to have it whilst it still "hot"...

Not sure if that was steak or what :-)

And the rest of us waited..and waited...and waited...

Then ours came, more than half our later which we considered "lucky" as another friend had to wait for hers that arrived almost half an hour later I believe, by which time we had almost finished ours...A bad service considering there were not many customers there..mmm..

Anyway, my friend and I decided to combine our orders, so we chose 3 :

Grilled Salmon

Broccoli with mushroom

...we had eaten more than half of the above two when the third order came,

fried rice with satay, chicken and egg..

I had not been feeling well since we came out..and the delay in dinner caused my headache to be more..Didin't feel like eating anymore..Alhamdulillah some other friends shared that..

I wasn't in the mood then to capture the food ordered by the rest except those near me :-)

My friends were not aware of my condition during dinner but once they knew, were so thoughtful and nice...Even though it was almost 11pm, I was guilty that they cut short our time out.

Thank you very much dearest friends!



noname said...

bab serve lambat ni memang geram, loss of appetite dbuatnya. confirm xpi dah kat situ. ....Cheqno

TK said...

Tu dia...food glorious food...
Broccoli with mushroom tu sure yummy.
My fav sayur tu..
Kalau lmbt sgt service mmg hilang selera...

midonz said...

wow.. bestnya menu


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